Sunday, 14 April 2013

Very Productive Day

Spring has finally arrived in Cornwall with blistering temperatures of 14.3c and I didn't waste a second of it.

First task for the day was finish the outside tap installation, I started this last Sunday but due to a "Hulk moment" I busted one of the fittings and had to wait for dry weather to put it right and see if there are any leaks, which there are none. whoop.

Second task was to sort the mole hills out, the little buggers have been tunnelling away just underneath the surface making the lawn all squidgy and bumpy. I suppose the only pro to having mole hills is the soil to fill pots with, but they are destroying my lawn! So, I am sorry, so sorry animal lovers, but they have to die, I have tried most of the natural deterrents and as you can guess by my annoyance it has not worked.

(Breath Dan)

 I turned my attention to the soak away next. This is the where the rain water flows to as it comes down the lane, as its a dirt lane this gets very clogged up and floods next doors drive and contaminates their pond. 
I have completely dug it out and found that it in fact flows to one of the septic tanks. I had some blocks laying around so I covered the drain over, leaving enough space for the water to flow.

The main reason for covering is due to the postman and the some other visitors get stuck in the ditch.

For Christmas my parents gave me a weather station (yes I did ask for it), it has been outside since December but it has just been balanced in the hedge. I had some 22mm pipe clips left from installing the outside tap and guess what? They were the perfect size. Bonza

Thats the lot for today, if yesterday was nice as today, I would of done a lot more but thats life I guess.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Barrow area complete

Thanks be to Asda for having an offer on their decorative bark, three 70L bags for £10. It was perfect for the job and I only needed two bags so I have a bag in reserve for another project.

The next plan for this area will be in October" I'll plant some daffodil bulbs so when next spring comes round it will add some colour.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Practical day

Today has been a practical one, not only have I done a fair amount of weeding I have also started to do something with the corners of the garden that have been plagued with stinging nettles.

We have an old wheelbarrow in the garden that we have put some annuals in (can't remember what they are but I know I have two fuchsias that have started to grow back. I have done 90% of the work but I just need to get some decorative bark to finish off.

Bistro area completed

I have finally completed the front sections to the house, I know it's easier to shingle than slab but you can just pick up the weeds off of the shingle rather than pulling up half your cement.

As you can see with the before and after shots I had a lot of clearing to do.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Spring is in the air

Hello people,

Spring is in the air and i have risen from my hibernation and have restarted my epic quest to tame the garden.

I have given the grass its first cut of the season, the strange thing is it hasn't stopped growing all winter!

I have started to clear the second front half of the house ready for a herb garden

Ran out of weed prof membrane so thats on the list if things to get tomorrow along with 250kg of shingle, terracotta pots and herbs.

Stay tuned for more wonderful updates.

Dan xx

Monday, 17 September 2012

Small update

Good afternoon,
It has been awhile since I updated you guys with how the garden is progressing. To tell you the truth I have been focusing all of my attention on the lawn, the weeds are dying back and the grass is greening up. I have taken the mower up a notch and have been looking into some seed to spread over to thicken it up.

During the winter months I'll manly focus on the building work that needs to be done, for example reroofing the old outside toilet turning it into a potting shed and installing raised beds for veg, oh and finally digging out and graveling over my parking spot so we can fit two cars on it.

I will try and keep you updated with pictures

Dan x

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Feed n Weed Experiment

Used feed n weed for the first time today, trying to build up a good root system and suppress those weeds and stinging nettles. Bought a 12ltr spreader from B&Q along with Evergreen 4 in 1. After loosing some of it trying to get the right setting i just managed to cover the whole garden but the bag i had was for a 200sqm lawn but mine is fractionally bigger, more 300sqm. 
I'll reapply in 2 weeks and then i'll start looking into autumn feed.