Sunday, 29 July 2012


 I am new to gardening.  Eight months ago I moved into a gorgeous cottage on the Caerhays Estate near St Austell, after a month of cleaning and redecoration
The garden is pretty big and hasn't been cut for a couple of years.

It was left over the winter and in march i attacked it with a strimmer as it was way too long for a mower. I left it to recover for a month and then attempted to tame it with my  other halves, cousins, lawn mower. After 3 long hours (the mower is a tad old) we have a semi-respectable lawn
For those studying these pictures you will notice that i found a shed (former outside toilet) underneath the ivy. 

In May I decided to look at one of the two (due to cash) areas in front of the house 

I strimmed my way through them like a man posessed and took them all the way down to the top soil. The area on the right had only about an inch of soil and then hardcore and the left one has dark loose soil.
I nipped to B&Q and brought a weed barrier and then to Wicks for 250kg of pea gravel for £14!.

Last weekend i bought my own mower from Screwfix for only £169.99 
 A lovely new mower needs a new shed but as i spent all my money on the mower i decided it would be a good idea to build one out of pallets

All it cost was £30 for the felt, nails and screws but i am happy with the way it turned out.

That takes us up to date but i am doing something with the bottom of the garden and ill blog that later on today.

Dan x

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