Sunday, 14 April 2013

Very Productive Day

Spring has finally arrived in Cornwall with blistering temperatures of 14.3c and I didn't waste a second of it.

First task for the day was finish the outside tap installation, I started this last Sunday but due to a "Hulk moment" I busted one of the fittings and had to wait for dry weather to put it right and see if there are any leaks, which there are none. whoop.

Second task was to sort the mole hills out, the little buggers have been tunnelling away just underneath the surface making the lawn all squidgy and bumpy. I suppose the only pro to having mole hills is the soil to fill pots with, but they are destroying my lawn! So, I am sorry, so sorry animal lovers, but they have to die, I have tried most of the natural deterrents and as you can guess by my annoyance it has not worked.

(Breath Dan)

 I turned my attention to the soak away next. This is the where the rain water flows to as it comes down the lane, as its a dirt lane this gets very clogged up and floods next doors drive and contaminates their pond. 
I have completely dug it out and found that it in fact flows to one of the septic tanks. I had some blocks laying around so I covered the drain over, leaving enough space for the water to flow.

The main reason for covering is due to the postman and the some other visitors get stuck in the ditch.

For Christmas my parents gave me a weather station (yes I did ask for it), it has been outside since December but it has just been balanced in the hedge. I had some 22mm pipe clips left from installing the outside tap and guess what? They were the perfect size. Bonza

Thats the lot for today, if yesterday was nice as today, I would of done a lot more but thats life I guess.

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  1. Hope all is going well for you in your lovely cottage. Would love to hear from you on th FH garden site